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As far back as she can remember, Gail always wanted to sing!  In grade school her choir teacher told her “she has the voice of a  songbird”!  At the age of 10 she received a keyboard for Christmas, teaching herself the basics of music, then later, picking up the guitar.  From there joining the Choir at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto!  Being influenced by her partner and guitarist, Fabio Parovel, she discovered her voice was meant for the blues!  Her influences, Janiva Magness, Etta James, Freddy and B.B. King, Little Walter and many more!

Singer, songwriter, collaborator, Gail presently sits in with Chuck Jackson (Downchild Blues Band), Mark ‘Bird’ Stafford, Robert ‘Bluesman” Davis and several other musician friends!

Together with her band, The Dirty Roosters, Gail released her first CD in the spring of 2018!  Produced by Pat Carey – Saxophone player Downchild Blues Band, 3 x Juno award winner, 9 x Maple Blues award winner, and Engineered by L. Stu Young – Prince, Downchild, Triumph, Anne Murray, David Wilcox, and many more!

You will see Gail Gunnis and her band The Dirty Roosters performing at Blues festivals, private parties and more!